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About PRPClinic

We offer our customers a selection of treatments based on advanced technologies and research knowledge. As part of our services, we provide patients with solutions to a variety of problems in the field of aesthetic treatments: treatment of hair loss and baldness, thinning and renewal of the appearance of the facial skin, Botox injections, treatment of excessive sweating, hair transplants, lip thickening, treatment of sports injuries and more.

What is

Treatment with PRP injections (Platelet-rich plasma therapy), as it is called, a treatment based on plasma rich in platelets. The plasma is extracted from the patient’s own blood by centrifugation and the injection is carried out in several ways with a small syringe, similar to a syringe designed for botox injection or by an injection gun or the most common option, a combination. Platelets secrete growth factors as part of their function and encourage cell division and healing. The treatment is innovative and suitable for medical fields in the beauty industry (for example, hair loss, tightening of wrinkles, etc.) as well as in orthopedic applications.

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why, specifically

Growth factors are found in a very large amount in blood platelets. These are proteins that are secreted in the normal process of healing injuries, the platelets appear first for the purpose of healing. The activation of the platelets takes place at the moment of contact with the injured tissue and the beginning of the protein difference that encourages the growth of blood vessels begins, as well as the appearance of fibroblasts, cells responsible for the creation of collagen fibers, cells that are very important in various treatments for hair loss, treatment of skin aging and treatment of various orthopedic problems. The treatment is considered safe and side effects that include more than discomfort or local pain are not common, usually for two to three days, but it can also last up to a week. This is the patient’s own blood and not substances that are unfamiliar to the body, which may cause sensitivity.

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So how is treatment carried out?

PRP injections are a process that includes several steps described in the diagram:

The doctor takes blood from the patient (similar to a blood donation)
The doctor puts the blood into a test tube (there are several types, we also have Selnis test tubes)
The test tube is put into a centrifuge for the purpose of separating the blood components and isolating the platelets.
The doctor draws the platelet-rich plasma from the test tube
The doctor injects the platelets into the patient's area (scalp, facial skin, joint, etc.)
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What are platelets?

Platelets are one of the components found in blood fluid. The platelets secrete proteins that are used as growth factors, and these take an important role in healing and tissue restoration processes. For example, in any case of physical injury, the platelets come into action.
They begin to secrete the proteins that cause the growth of new blood vessels, the regeneration of skin cells, the reduction of inflammatory processes and the appearance of fibroblastic cells responsible for the creation of new collagen fibers.

Research proven treatment

The mechanism of action of the platelets and their importance in the rehabilitation of injuries, are not questioned by the scientific community. Following the understanding of platelet activity, many experiments were carried out that examined the effectiveness of platelet injection in various medical conditions. Over the years, articles and studies have been published in recognized scientific journals attesting to the effectiveness of PRP treatment. In certain medical situations they were found to be more effective, in other situations less so. But following the success of the treatments, it is now an accepted method in medical and aesthetic treatments. In order to obtain the best results from the treatment, we usually recommend combining the treatment with PRF treatment, mesotherapy and topical treatments; This way you can attack the problem from all directions and maximize the results.

What can I expect from the treatment?

Each person is different and the results vary greatly from one to another, you can view the photos in our gallery for a better understanding of what can be achieved or contact for a personal consultation. We examine the problem and the background factors for the problem and adapt to each the appropriate treatment method for him.

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Frequently asked questions and answers about PRP

The action of the blood platelets is a natural process of the body. In a normal situation, they come into action in cases where the body needs to heal injuries. But through PRP injections we can manipulate the action of the blood platelets, thus encouraging tissue regeneration for therapeutic or aesthetic purposes. Since it is a treatment based on the body’s natural mechanisms, it is considered the most effective, and has few side effects. Thanks to the treatment, we can answer a variety of problems including hair loss treatment, skin aging treatment and treatment of various orthopedic problems.

Are there any side effects to PRP treatment?

PRP injections are injections of platelets that have been distilled from the patient’s blood. That is, there is no introduction of a foreign substance into the body, so the treatment is considered one of the safest. Side effects or allergic reactions are not common with PRP treatment. But at the same time it is also important to remember that this is a procedure that involves working with blood products, so it must be performed by a doctor and all hygiene rules and medical standards must be observed. The treatment itself may cause a feeling of pain or local discomfort, which passes by itself after a few days or at most a week. During the treatment you may feel a prickling sensation which can be alleviated with an anesthetic ointment.

What problems can be treated with PRP injections?

Sports doctors have been using the treatment since the 1980s, so they were able to provide an answer to strained ligaments and sore muscles. Today, PRP therapy is used to treat a variety of problems in the field of orthopaedics, dentistry and anti-aging treatments. In our clinic, PRP injections are used for orthopedic treatments and advanced anti-aging treatments. As part of the treatments, we perform PRP injections for the shoulder, elbow, knee, hip, palm, ankle, hair loss and baldness treatments, and facial treatments.

What is PRP injections and hair loss treatment?

Through PRP injections we can provide an answer to one of the most troubling problems for women and men – hair loss treatment. Women and men suffer from hair loss that damages body image and self-confidence. PRP treatments are not suitable for every case of hair loss, so it is important to carry out a preliminary diagnosis in order to identify the causes of the problem. By injecting PRP you can stimulate the dormant hair follicles and renew hair growth. These treatments are suitable for prevention and for treating baldness in cases where there are still live hair follicles.

Who performs PRP treatments?

PRP injections are a medical treatment performed exclusively by doctors. Preliminary diagnosis is important in order to examine the causes of the problem and the effectiveness of the PRP treatment. The entire process of diagnosis, treatment and follow-up is carried out by a doctor, while adhering to all medical standards, hygiene rules and the requirements of the Ministry of Health.

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