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About PRP Clinic

PRP clinic is a clinic specializing in aesthetic treatments and PRP, iPRF, PRGF, CGF and mesotherapy injections in Tel Aviv and Haifa:

Regenerative treatments
  • CGF hair treatment
  • PRGF treatment for hair loss
  • PRP treatment for hair – injections of platelets rich in plasma
  • iPRF – treatment with growth factors from only NIS 800
  • Regenera
  • Radias and treatment with a calcium-based filler
  • Nose sculpting – everything you wanted to know
  • Lip thickening – filling with hyaluronic acid
  • Filling eye sockets
  • Shaping cheekbones and filling cheeks with hyaluronic acid
  • Sculpting and shaping the jaw line
  • The wonders of Botox for the face – refreshing the appearance easily
  • Botox for migraines
  • Botox for excessive sweating
  • Buttock shaping and sculpting with hyaluronic acid – buttock augmentation
  • Penis enlargement – thickening of the penis without surgery using hyaluronic acid
  • PRP injection into the penis, a natural treatment to strengthen erection, impotence and premature ejaculation
  • Botox injection into the penis
  • Breast augmentation without surgery
  • Eliminating / blurring stretch marks using PRP (vampire) treatment
  • Plasma gel / natural filler – a 100% natural filler that has an effect similar to acid
  • Rejuvenation and firming of the neck – treatment of neck wrinkles
  • Eliminating / filling smoking lines above the upper lip – barcode lines
  • Everything you wanted to know about mesotherapy
  • Skin Booster – the complete guide
  • Rejuvenation of palms (Profilo)
  • PRP treatment for the face – vampire treatment
  • PRP injection to the knee
  • PRP to the shoulder – can an injection of plasma to the shoulder prevent surgery?


iPRF (Injectable Platelet-rich Fibrin) is an innovative and breakthrough treatment in the field of hair regeneration, preservation, and renewal. To prevent hair loss and encourage new follicle growth, a concentration of plasma from the patient’s own blood is used. The treatment is also used to renew scarred tissue, treat pigmentation, and more.
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Growth factor treatments, starting at just 800 NIS

What’s the Difference between PRP and iPRF Treatments?

iPRF treatments are considered more advanced than plasma treatments. In essence, they’re thought of as the 2.0 version of PRP hair treatments. Like PRP treatments, the first stage of iPRF treatments involves a physician drawing blood from the patient, just like in a routine blood test. Platelet-rich plasma, stem cells, and other growth factors are all inserted into a special machine, and centrifugal force is applied. 

However, unlike PRP treatments, the blood that’s inserted into the machine is spun at a relatively slow speed. The goal of these slower rotations is to keep the platelets as whole as possible, and extract, with them, leukocytes, cytokines (different types of white blood cells), and stem cells; all essential to the scalp’s regeneration process. Upon injection into the scalp, this combination encourages the creation of collagen, fibroblasts, and elastin tissue, which improve the state of the scalp and accelerate its tissue’s healing and renewal. This leads to increased hair follicle growth and prevention of thinned hair from falling out.

The unique centrifugal process leads to the creation of a higher, better quality concentration of growth factors and stem cells that are 10 times more concentrated than the result obtained through PRP, for healthier, thicker, and stronger hair.  

Does iPRF Have Side Effects?

One of the benefits of iPRF is the fact that it’s an all-natural treatment. The treatment is considered extremely safe and leads to nearly no side effects. Those side effects that may appear after iPRF treatments are rare and slight, and can include local redness on the scalp. The redness generally passes after two to three days. Another possible side effect is the appearance of small hematomas (collections of blood outside the blood vessels) that also disappear, on their own, after a few days. There’s no recovery period following the treatment, though there can be some minor discomfort on the scalp, on the day of the treatment. 

For whom is iPRF Suitable?

iPRF treatments are suitable for men and women seeking to prevent balding. iPRF is meant to encourage new hair follicle growth and protect thin hair. Sometimes, the treatment is recommended to be combined with various complementary treatments, such as mesotherapy, Regenera, or prescription medications, including Minoxidil or Finasteride, depending on the severity and type of hair loss experienced by each individual patient. 

Patients suffering from various health conditions cannot always undergo the treatment. Additionally, the treatment is not suited to patients who are completely bald. In such a case, the treatment would not be effective – the only solution would be to undergo a hair transplant. As such, before starting iPRF, it’s important to first undergo a proper diagnosis process at a professional clinic. There is no substitute for a personal consultation with a physician whose expertise is in hair regeneration and health. Note that, in Israel, the only professionals allowed to perform PRP and iPRF injections are physicians holding proper licensing from the Ministry of Health.

World-renowned physicians recommend iPRF as a complementary treatment to maximize the results of hair transplants, for fuller, stronger, and healthier hair. iPRF injections can be administered before and after hair transplants. For example, patients who have yet to lose “enough” hair, or who are too young, and therefore cannot undergo a hair transplant yet. In such cases, iPRF treatments can help preserve the remaining hair on the patient’s head and encourage new hair growth, until a transplant can be done. This treatment is also recommended to prevent “shock loss,” a phenomenon during which hair loss increases in the transplanted areas. 

What Can I Expect?

You can expect to experience initial results in just three months, following your first treatment. Three treatments are required at the onset, and it is recommended that a “booster” treatment be administered, every six months afterward.

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