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Eye socket fillers are extremely popular aesthetic treatments. Fillers can be injected to fill in the eye sockets and replace a tired, fallen appearance, with a younger, more refreshed look.
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Our eyes play an integral role in the impressions we make on our surroundings. Sadly, they’re also among the first parts of our bodies to show signs of aging. Genetics and poor lifestyle choice can accelerate aging processes, leading the eyes to look sunken. This, of course, has an effect on the face’s overall appearance as well, especially when coupled with tired, fallen, and wrinkled skin. Thankfully, the wonders of aesthetic medicine can be applied to restore the face’s features to its youthful, taught, and refreshed glory. Both men and women enjoy the benefits of eye socket fillers, which enable them to look their best and show their world exactly what they feel.

Why Do the Eye Sockets Start to Sink?

The skin surrounding the eyes is very thin. There isn’t a ton of fat tissue under the skin, like in other areas on the face. Instead, the tissue is rich in blood vessels. Over the years, the face and its skin undergo many changes, including to the fat tissue and facial muscles under the skin.  As a result, the face starts to look fallen and tired, and the area around the eye sockets appears sunken. Before long, the area begins to looks drier and thinner, and the blood vessels beneath the eyes become more noticeable. Pigmentation issues around the eyes can make the aesthetic issue even worse, as the sunken areas look even deeper when the skin is dark. 

While aging is considered the main cause of sunken eye sockets, genetics can cause younger people to suffer from the issue as well. Sometimes, we can even see this phenomenon in children.

How are Eye Sockets Filled?

Filler injections are used to plump up eye sockets, with hyaluronic acid being the most popular filler today. This substance is effective, lasts over time, and doesn’t cause many side effects. A small amount of hyaluronic acid injected into the right areas enables fluid absorption and plumps up the sunken eye sockets. As a result, the skin surrounding the eye becomes tighter and appears younger and healthier. Prior to starting treatment, it’s important to sit down with the attending physician, to perform a precise diagnosis of the condition, and plan the treatment (quantity and injection location) accordingly. 

The first stage of treatment involves applying a local anesthetic cream. The hyaluronic acid is then injected into the skin using a thin cannula or needle. These tools allow the physician to precisely inject the right amount of acid into the patient’s target areas. 

Note that the treatment is pain-free, but a local anesthetic is used to help prevent any discomfort. Besides applying the anesthetic, no other preparation is needed, before undergoing treatment.

Since the skin in the area is thin and rich in blood vessels, the injections must be extremely precise. This requires a higher skill level than other injection-based treatments; treatments should only be administered by experienced physicians. 

Patients can immediately return to their everyday lives following treatment. No special limitations are placed on the patient, and no lifestyle changes need to be made, although diving/snorkeling masks that place a ton of pressure on the area should no longer be worn. Eyeglasses and sunglasses can still be worn. 

As hyaluronic acid absorbs liquid, the treatment’s results can be partially enjoyed instantly. Full results appear 2-3 weeks after treatment.

What if I don’t like the Treatment’s Results?

When it comes to aesthetic medicine, many people fear being dissatisfied with the treatment’s results. Indeed, there are many cases of people who’ve undergone plastic surgery, only to be unhappy with the procedure’s irreversible results. However, when it comes to hyaluronic acid treatments, this simply isn’t the case.

Hyaluronic acid eye socket fillers are not permanent. Namely, the acid is absorbed by the body and its effects disappear. This process takes place over the course of several months. Note that ensuring your treatment is performed by a skilled and experienced physician who specializes in eyes in addition to aesthetic medicine can help prevent less-than-satisfactory results. Experienced physicians anticipate the acid’s response, and can select the right amount of acid and the right injection sites, accordingly.

Are there Any Side Effects?

Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the body. As such, it’s associated with very few, negligible side effects. Eye socket fillers, as administered by a skilled physician, are considered extremely simple and safe, though some side effects can be experienced, such as burst blood vessels. The injection process can cause blood vessels to burst beneath the skin, causing a mild “blue eye” appearance. If burst blood vessels appear, they disappear on their own within a few days, with no need for special treatment. Inflammations and infections are extremely rare side effects. If they do appear, they are treated with antibiotics. Again, turning to a seasoned physician who ensures that all treatments are sterile, is key.

Even if an asymmetrical result is obtained from an eye socket filler treatment, there’s no need to worry. Adjustments can easily be made during the follow-up appointment, which usually takes place two weeks after the initial treatment. This is done by injecting another type of filler, or a substance that accelerates the acid’s breakdown, depending on the specific case and the physician’s expert opinion.

To reduce the risk of experiencing side effects, cold compresses should be applied to the injection sites following treatment.

How Long Do the Treatment’s Results Last?

Hyaluronic acid is absorbed by the body at a relatively slow rate. Upon injection, the acid starts to absorb fluids within the body, creating that fuller look. After a few months, it starts to be absorbed by the body itself. The actual rate of acid absorption depends on the individual’s lifestyle and metabolism, both of which influence the treatment’s duration. The treatment does last for several months and up to a full year (for some people). Eye socket fillers can always be re-administered, to help maintain the patient’s desired results, for the long term. 

To whom is the Treatment Suited?

Anyone can get hyaluronic acid-based eye socket fillers. This includes men and women of all ages. Anyone who suffers from sunken eyes can enjoy the treatment’s results. We invite you to book a FREE consultation, during which an expert physician will examine your eye sockets and recommend the best treatment for your specific case. 

Note that this treatment does not eliminate pigmentation issues. As such, it is not suited to people interested in erasing black circles from around their eyes. Eye socket fillers can improve patients’ overall appearance in such a case, but the pigmentation issue would have to be treated separately, to fully optimize their appearance. The treatment is also less suited toward people with puffiness below their eyes, as the treatment tends to enhance the undesired effect. 

Do you suffer from sunken eyes? Do you feel that your tired, sad-looking face does not represent what you feel on the inside? You don’t have to live your life with sunken eyes anymore! There’s a simple, affordable, and fast solution that provides excellent, long-term results. You too, can enjoy the effects of hyaluronic acid eye socket fillers, and start showing off a refreshed, more attractive eye area and face. 

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