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About PRP Clinic

PRP clinic is a clinic specializing in aesthetic treatments and PRP, iPRF, PRGF, CGF and mesotherapy injections in Tel Aviv and Haifa:

Regenerative treatments
  • CGF hair treatment
  • PRGF treatment for hair loss
  • PRP treatment for hair – injections of platelets rich in plasma
  • iPRF – treatment with growth factors from only NIS 800
  • Regenera
  • Radias and treatment with a calcium-based filler
  • Nose sculpting – everything you wanted to know
  • Lip thickening – filling with hyaluronic acid
  • Filling eye sockets
  • Shaping cheekbones and filling cheeks with hyaluronic acid
  • Sculpting and shaping the jaw line
  • The wonders of Botox for the face – refreshing the appearance easily
  • Botox for migraines
  • Botox for excessive sweating
  • Buttock shaping and sculpting with hyaluronic acid – buttock augmentation
  • Penis enlargement – thickening of the penis without surgery using hyaluronic acid
  • PRP injection into the penis, a natural treatment to strengthen erection, impotence and premature ejaculation
  • Botox injection into the penis
  • Breast augmentation without surgery
  • Eliminating / blurring stretch marks using PRP (vampire) treatment
  • Plasma gel / natural filler – a 100% natural filler that has an effect similar to acid
  • Rejuvenation and firming of the neck – treatment of neck wrinkles
  • Eliminating / filling smoking lines above the upper lip – barcode lines
  • Everything you wanted to know about mesotherapy
  • Skin Booster – the complete guide
  • Rejuvenation of palms (Profilo)
  • PRP treatment for the face – vampire treatment
  • PRP injection to the knee
  • PRP to the shoulder – can an injection of plasma to the shoulder prevent surgery?

PRP Penile Injections

Treatment for Erectile Enlargement, Impotence, and Premature Ejaculation; While no one likes to admit it, many men suffer from impotence and premature ejaculation. Injecting PRP into the penis can help resolve these issues, as the injection of platelet-rich plasma encourages tissue regeneration.
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טיפול טבעי באין אונות


Many men suffer from impotence, leading them to feel deep shame. Most men do not like to talk about the issue, leading them to experience a reduced quality of life and dissatisfaction from their sex lives. 

Without delving too deep into the physiological definition, impotence is the inability to achieve an erection, for a variety of reasons and at different levels of severity. Some men might experience difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection, while others might suffer from a weak erection, or an inability to achieve any erection at all. 

It’s okay if you don’t feel comfortable talking about this issue. However, if you don’t talk about it, how can you possibly receive treatment? All you need to do is turn to a licensed professional and inquire about treatments to help you maximize your enjoyment from physically intimate relationships and experiences. 

What Causes Impotence?

Impotence can be caused by many things. Often, the reason is not physiological, but rather psychological, such as excess stress, depression, or performance anxiety. That said physiological causes can include hormonal imbalances, vascular conditions, diabetes, alcohol and drug use, and others. These issues often become more common with age, but they can most certainly appear in younger people as well. PRP penile injections are one type of treatment for impotence today.  

Treatments for Impotence and Premature Ejaculation

Impotence has been of concern to men since the dawn of time. Over the years, countless treatments have been developed. Some don’t really resolve the issue, and others can be slightly extreme, for severe cases. Luckily, various developments have been made in the past few decades, including several effective treatments for people suffering from impotence. Some of the more effective treatments are PRP penile injections, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), pharmaceutical treatments, hormonal treatments, shock wave therapy, prosthetic implants, and others. 

PRP Treatments for Impotence

PRP penile treatments are based on the injection of platelets containing growth factors into the penis. These are proteins that naturally exist in people’s blood.

PRP treatments are commonly administered in healthcare, especially in orthopedics and to prevent hair loss. These treatments accelerate the body’s natural regenerative processes. This serves as the foundational theory behind PRP penile injections. By injecting those same growth factors into the penis, new, healthy, and functioning tissue can be encouraged to grow in the target area. A 2021 study found that 69% of men who received PRP penile injections in the experimental group showed signs of improvement in their erectile functionality. 

The advantage of PRP penile injections for premature ejaculation, impotence, and erectile enlargement is the use of natural substances found in the body, rather than medications. The growth factors are cleansed and condensed from the patient’s own blood. Practically, it takes place as follows: a small amount of blood is drawn from the patient. The blood is then cleansed in a centrifuge machine, before it is injected back into the patient’s body, at the target site. In the case of impotence treatments, the growth factors are injected into the penis. Other use cases have different injection sites, such as in PRP for hair loss, where the injections are made into the patient’s scalp. 

What’s the Difference between PRP and Other Penile Injections?

Some treatments are based on self-injections into the penis, to increase blood flow to the male sex organ. These treatments were extremely popular in the 1980s, but demand for them has since waned, with the development of pharmaceutical treatments like Viagra. 

Those injections provide a temporary and specific local solution to the problem, but require patients to inject themselves before every single desired sexual experience. PRP penile injections are meant to tackle the root of the issue, and, as such are administered by a physician at pre-set sessions, instead of by the patient, before engaging in sexual relations, of any kind.

The PRP Penile Injection Difference

PRP penile injections encourage tissue regeneration. This regeneration allows patients to enjoy several benefits that improve their erections:

  • Increased blood flow to the penis
  • Repairing of damaged tissue
  • Establishment of new neurotransmitters

How are PRP Penile Injections Administered?

  1. A local anesthetic cream is applied to the penis.
  2.  Blood is drawn from the patient, in a process similar to a regular blood test. A few test tubes’ worth of blood is collected, usually from the hand/arm.
  3. The platelets and growth factors are cleansed, using a centrifuge. The centrifuge separates the platelets and growth factors from the rest of the blood, in a process that takes just a few minutes. 
  4. The growth factors are inserted into a syringe. 
  5. The growth factors are injected into a few areas along the penis, over the course of a few minutes.

PRP Injections

PRPclinic administers a variety of treatments, including PRP penile injections. We have vast experience in using these technologies and do so across a variety of applications. All of our treatments are performed by physicians who are licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

To learn more, contact us at: 058-4664664