Surgery-free Breast Augmentation

Surgery-free breast augmentation is one of the most sought-after aesthetic treatments to date, as many women can enjoy its effects, safer than ever before. This is partially because breasts are associated with femininity and fertility, and every woman should be able to connect to her own sense of womanliness, as she sees fit. There are also evolutionary reasons why breasts are central to sexual attraction, and many women enjoy emphasizing their breasts as a sign of self-confidence and female empowerment.
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That said, many women are dissatisfied with the way their breasts look. Their self-image and confidence are harmed, as a result. These sentiments accompany those women wherever they go, preventing them from fulfilling themselves as individuals, as well as empowered females.

What Can Be Done?

In light of everything written above, it’s no wonder that women have long searched for ways to emphasize and define their breasts. When breast augmentation and sculpting procedures were developed, they rapidly topped the plastic surgery leaderboard, in terms of popularity. Western culture and its infiltration of many countries has created a standard of beauty that idolizes large breasts, leading many women to undergo surgical procedures involving silicone implants of epic proportions. 

Breast surgeries involving silicone implants may be extremely popular, but there have also been many serious “accidents” involving their use (that the industry doesn’t like talking about). These days, an increasing number of women are telling their stories, and the greater awareness of silicone implant risks is influencing others to think twice about undergoing this operation. 

The high cost of cosmetic surgery and an increase in the demand for a full, yet natural-looking chest, are other factors leading women to inquire about surgery-free breast augmentation. Today’s women are less interested in unnaturally large implants; they want an aesthetically-appealing look that suits their bodies’ natural proportions. Surgery-free breast augmentation meets their every need. In the past, before surgery-free breast augmentation was an option, silicone was the go-to choice, even though it can be quite dangerous. Luckily, breast augmentation doesn’t have to involve silicone, anymore. 

What Risks are Associated with Silicone Implants?

In addition to the risks associated with any surgical procedure, silicone implants carry the risk of complications, such as infection, implantation rejection, breast shape distortion, breast hardening, loss of sensation, scarring, asymmetry, and others. Many of these complications are irreversible or require additional surgery to remove the implants, should they materialize.

While silicone has long been perceived as the only solution on the market, there are other ways to enlarge breasts without requiring surgery. Now that surgery-free breast augmentation is an option, women can obtain their desired look without risking any of the above complications, and without spending an arm and a leg.

What is Surgery-free Breast Augmentation?

Breasts can be augmented using hyaluronic acid. This acid is presently used in aesthetic medicine, as well as in other medical applications, and can be injected into target areas to increase breast volume and even sculpt the breasts. 

Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the human body. It is used in various physiological processes, including to maintain skin volume and moisture. For surgery-free breast augmentations, hyaluronic acid is produced in a laboratory setting, through a bacterial fermentation process. The result: sterile, safe-to-use acid that’s identical to the acid our bodies already produce, thereby preventing allergic reactions. The latter is one of the substance’s standout advantages. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same thing for implants. 

Hyaluronic acid’s most significant property is its ability to absorb liquids to a volume of up to 1,000 times its own weight, and remains stable over time, making it an ideal substance for filling and sculpting areas of the human body.

What Does the Treatment Involve?

Like with any hyaluronic acid injection-based treatment, a consultation should first be held with the attending physician, to diagnose the patient’s condition, coordinate expectations, and prepare a treatment plan that outlines where injections will be made, and how much acid will be injected.

Treatments are administered in treatment rooms. The procedure itself is simple; the acid is injected into previously selected areas of the patient’s body. The treatment does not cause scarring. A local anesthetic can be applied, to reduce any discomfort.

Treatments last approximately 30-45 minutes, after which patients can immediately return to their everyday lives, without any restrictions. Results start to appear in the days following the injections, as hyaluronic acid requires time to absorb fluid. You can enjoy the treatment’s results for several months, after which maintenance treatments can be administered.

Surgery-free Breast Augmentation – Who is a Good Candidate?

Since the treatment is simple and doesn’t carry any of the risks associated with silicone implants, it’s safe to say that surgery-free breast augmentation is suitable for anyone who’s interested in enlarged breasts. That said, hyaluronic acid cannot resolve every potential issue. It’s best suited to smaller breast augmentations, skin tightening, and the correction of asymmetry. Good candidates are women looking for smaller aesthetic changes, or women who suffer from medical limitations preventing them from undergoing surgery. This treatment is not suitable for women looking to significantly enlarge their breasts, or women who previously underwent mastectomies and now want to recreate breasts on their chests.

What are the Advantages?

Surgery-free breast augmentation is a safe and affordable alternative for many women looking to improve the look of their breasts. Unlike other procedures, it is reversible; the hyaluronic acid is slowly absorbed by the body, returning the breasts to their former state. That said, the treatment’s results last for several months at a time, and a “maintenance” treatment can be administered once a year.

Many women who have undergone breast augmentation surgery regret doing so, down the line, for medical or other reasons. You won’t regret undergoing surgery-free breast augmentation, but if you are unhappy with the result, the hyaluronic acid can be broken down and absorbed faster, by injecting an accelerant.

Very few risks or side effects are associated with surgery-free breast augmentations. Patients may experience slight redness, swelling, or discomfort within a few hours of the treatment. This is not the case with silicone implants; patients can experience risks and side effects for years after undergoing surgery.

Additionally, surgery-free breast augmentation is a quick and inexpensive treatment that requires no recovery time; patients can engage in any and every activity, as soon as the treatment is complete.

Surgery-free Breast Augmentations at PRPclinic

Do you dream of firm, voluminous, and symmetrical breasts? There’s no need to go under the knife! At PRPclinic, we offer surgery-free breast augmentations. They’re safe and contain hyaluronic acid. Contact us to learn more and book a consultation, commitment-free.

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