Hyaluronic Acid Lip Fillers for Fuller, Plumper Lips

We all dream of having luscious, sensual lips. They play a critical role in our face’s overall appearance and, for women, they play an inseparable part in our sense of femininity. They’re perceived as sensual, aesthetic, and a sign of womanliness. The prevailing standard of beauty includes full, juicy lips, influencing an increasing number of women to get lip fillers, and finally achieve the full lip-look of their dreams.
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Luckily, lip thinning can be treated. There are quick, effective, and easy-to-undergo (i.e. no significant preparations required) treatments available. Lip thickening can correct age-related changes and return lips to their natural, younger-looking luster. Our clinic provides lip thickening treatments containing hyaluronic acid – a safe approach to revitalizing and improving your feminine appearance and appeal. 

In addition to lip thickening, our clinic also offers a variety of aesthetic treatments for hair loss, and wrinkles, including PRP and Botox injections to the scalp and face. At PRPclinic, we always take care to:

  • Personalize treatments to each patient
  • Ensure each treatment factors in relevant body data to ensure the best possible results, while maintaining correct, harmonious proportions
  • Focus on aesthetic medicine and the field’s high standards of practice

To whom are Lip Thickening Treatments Suited?

  • Young women (18+), who were born with narrow or thin lips.
  • Older women affected by the natural course of aging, who wish to revitalize their appearance by:
    • Smoothing the lip line with its surrounding skin
    • Erasing fine lines of varying levels of severity from the lip area
    • Lifting lips that have prolapsed at the corners of the mouth

Treatments at our clinic are only performed by licensed physicians who are experienced in diagnosing lip positioning and conditions. These diagnoses are used to personalize treatment plans, including how much hyaluronic acid is injected, where the injections should be made, and more. The physician’s diagnosis is particularly important, in the case of potential allergic reactions to the injected substance. 

Hyaluronic acid injections are commonly used for various aesthetic treatments, and have been found to be particularly effective at filling lips and other sunken areas, for the long-term. Up until 20 years ago, hyaluronic acid was produced from chicken crests. However, since the acid contains large quantities of protein from a live source that is not the human body, its use in aesthetic treatments caused many side effects and allergic reactions. Presently, the acid is produced in laboratory settings, without making use of any animals. Instead, production involves a natural bacterial fermentation process. As such, we are able to obtain a cleaner, safer final product, and can provide treatments with fewer associated side effects. 

How Come the Acid isn’t Quickly Absorbed by the Body?

The acid undergoes a grafting process that allows it to be viscous and durable, over time. This significantly impacts the treatment’s effectiveness for the long-term, and prevents the substance from breaking down too quickly. 

This acid provides patients with double the benefits. Hyaluronic acid’s most significant property is its ability to absorb liquids to a volume of up to 1,000 times its own weight. This enables us to add volume and thicken the lips. But Hyaluronic acid also has another major benefit: it accelerates tissue regeneration processes. 

Lip thickening using hyaluronic acid is not an irreversible process. The acid naturally breaks down and is absorbed by the body within 24-48 hours of the treatment. That said, we use hyaluronic acid that has undergone grafting, to allow it (and the treatment’s results) to last for many months. Once the acid has been absorbed, patients can repeat the treatment. However, if a patient is dissatisfied with the treatment’s results, the acid’s breakdown and absorption can be accelerated by injecting hyaluronidase, a substance that’s known to be fast-acting. The treatment involves minimal pain, and a local anesthetic can be applied, if so desired. 

What You Should Know about Lip Thickening before Booking a Consultation

  • Only you can determine what looks beautiful to you; if you don’t feel comfortable with the way your lips look, do not hesitate to inquire about this treatment.
  • The physician will recommend a personalized injection plan, based on your body, its needs, and your desired look.
  • We believe that it’s important that your lips be filled so that they are proportionate with the rest of your face, and blend in with your overall symmetrical look.
  • It’s important to consult with the attending physician before undergoing treatment. This, so as to be fully briefed on the process, and determine which treatment type is best suited to your lips in their present condition. 
  • This treatment is not suitable for every person or case. We do not provide this treatment to people who have been diagnosed with herpes, or who’ve already had silicone lip fillers. Additionally, it’s important to notify the physician if you take blood thinners. 

A New Look for Your Lips, Thanks to the Popular Lip Thickening Treatment, Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Indeed, lip thickening treatments can be found everywhere, thanks to Hollywood movie stars, supermodels, and other celebrities, who have been undergoing (and showing off) these treatments for years. That said, it’s clear that any woman looking to undergo the treatment would want to know what’s involved. That’s why we’ve compiled the treatment’s main stages. Of course, if you have any other questions, feel free to drop us a line.

Stage 1 – A Consultation at Our Clinic

To eliminate any of your potential concerns, allow the attending physician to examine your lips and face, and list any potential allergies or sensitivities, we recommend coming in for a short consultation, before the first treatment. The consultation can be booked for the same day as the treatment, if you wish. During the consultation, the physician will take a good look at your facial features, listen to your need for a change, and recommend a particular treatment plan. This is when you should let the physician know if you’ve ever had a herpes outbreak on your lips, or whether you’ve had lip fillers (such as silicone fillers) injected before. 

Stage 2 – Treatment – Hyaluronic Acid Injections

As the area is extremely sensitive (the lips contain many blood vessels and nerves, a local anesthetic is applied, so that you can feel as comfortable as possible, throughout the treatment process. Once the area is sufficiently numb, the physician will begin to inject hyaluronic acid into the lips, as per the treatment plan. These are the areas that can be injected: the lip line, the corners of the mouth, around the lips (fine lines), or into the lips themselves. Usually, multiple areas are injected, to ensure the best possible results. The treatment usually takes place over the course of half an hour.

Additional Recommendations:

  • Once the treatment is complete, it is recommended to cool the area by applying a cold compress or bags of ice.
  • Slight swelling may last for two or three days.
  • The real, new volume will be noticeable within a few days.

PRPclinic upholds the high standards of the aesthetic medicine world. Our various treatment plans – hair loss treatments, Botox injections for the face, various fillers, and lip thickening using hyaluronic acid – are performed by skilled physicians who specialize in aesthetic medicine and personalize each treatment to the individual patient’s needs.

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