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About PRP Clinic

PRP clinic is a clinic specializing in aesthetic treatments and PRP, iPRF, PRGF, CGF and mesotherapy injections in Tel Aviv and Haifa:

Regenerative treatments
  • CGF hair treatment
  • PRGF treatment for hair loss
  • PRP treatment for hair – injections of platelets rich in plasma
  • iPRF – treatment with growth factors from only NIS 800
  • Regenera
  • Radias and treatment with a calcium-based filler
  • Nose sculpting – everything you wanted to know
  • Lip thickening – filling with hyaluronic acid
  • Filling eye sockets
  • Shaping cheekbones and filling cheeks with hyaluronic acid
  • Sculpting and shaping the jaw line
  • The wonders of Botox for the face – refreshing the appearance easily
  • Botox for migraines
  • Botox for excessive sweating
  • Buttock shaping and sculpting with hyaluronic acid – buttock augmentation
  • Penis enlargement – thickening of the penis without surgery using hyaluronic acid
  • PRP injection into the penis, a natural treatment to strengthen erection, impotence and premature ejaculation
  • Botox injection into the penis
  • Breast augmentation without surgery
  • Eliminating / blurring stretch marks using PRP (vampire) treatment
  • Plasma gel / natural filler – a 100% natural filler that has an effect similar to acid
  • Rejuvenation and firming of the neck – treatment of neck wrinkles
  • Eliminating / filling smoking lines above the upper lip – barcode lines
  • Everything you wanted to know about mesotherapy
  • Skin Booster – the complete guide
  • Rejuvenation of palms (Profilo)
  • PRP treatment for the face – vampire treatment
  • PRP injection to the knee
  • PRP to the shoulder – can an injection of plasma to the shoulder prevent surgery?

PRP Treatments for Hair

From year to year, the percentage of men and women experiencing hair loss in Israel increases. Currently, this percentage is very high, and continues to rise. There are many factors leading one to experience hair loss. These can include stress, air pollution, hormonal imbalances, medical treatments, medical conditions, improper nutrition, and a genetic predisposition to balding.
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Hair loss affects your physical appearance, which can harm your self-image and self-confidence as well. Hair loss or balding is associated with aging, but many men begin to lose their hair as early as in their twenties. That said, women also suffer from hair loss and, since few discuss this phenomenon, female balding has yet to be awarded the attention it rightfully deserves.ย 

Not every case of hair loss is a problem. Hair loss is a natural part of the hair follicleโ€™s life cycle, and the loss of 100-200 hairs a day is considered a natural process. However, when the rate of hair loss exceeds the rate of new hair growth, balding becomes a problem that can be treated.

Suffer from Hair Loss? Thereโ€™s a Treatment for You.

To cope with this issue and its effects on their self-esteem, men and women suffering from hair loss often turn to various approaches, from folk remedies to medical tablets and tinctures, some of which are extremely expensive. However, very few of these approaches actually bring about the desired results.ย 

These days, vast medical knowledge enables us to get to the root of the problem. We understand that hair loss and balding occur for a variety of reasons. As such, every case requires personalized treatment to ensure successful resolution.ย  Presently, an advanced and innovative treatment, PRP, based on the injection of platelet-rich plasma, is available. The platelets activate natural processes and encourage scalp tissue healing. As a result, they can promote renewed hair follicle growth.ย 

In recent years, PRP has taken flight worldwide, and has become a recognized treatment for hair loss among men and women alike. PRP is also a common follow-up treatment for those whoโ€™ve undergone hair transplants, as well as among those who plan to undergo hair transplants, to help prevent โ€œshock loss.โ€

How to Deal with Hair Loss

There are many treatments for hair loss and balding on the market, including medications, PRP injections, and hair transplants. PRP is considered an innovative and breakthrough hair regeneration and health treatment.ย  Thanks to the safe, simple-to-use, and extremely effective technology, men and women can enjoy a slower rate of hair loss, or even the prevention of hair loss, entirely. The treatment can stop your hair from shedding and even cause your hair follicles to grow new hairs on your head.

How Did it All Begin?

Many healing benefits can be linked to PRP treatments. PRP treatments made their first appearance in academic literature in 1954, after PRP injections were first used to treat sports injuries. Since then, its use has grown and evolved; PRP has been used in open heart surgery to enhance natural clotting processes and prevent blood loss during surgery, for example. PRP treatments have been used in Israel for over a decade.

Today, PRP injections are commonly used across medical fields. PRP is used to help heal injuries and burns, during various surgeries and in lab settings, in orthopedic injections (especially in treating sports injuries), and โ€“ of course โ€“ in the field of aesthetics and cosmetology, where PRP has become a synonym for โ€œstandard of excellence.โ€

PRP injections are used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons in anti-aging treatments, to help promote younger-looking skin. It is also considered revolutionary and a breakthrough in the field of hair regeneration. PRP injections help slow hair loss, prevent balding, and encourage new hair growth, among both men and women.

What are PRP Treatments for Hair Loss, Really?

PRP or platelet-rich plasma is a masterful treatment for preventing hair loss and balding in men and women. It also helps regenerate dormant hair follicles. Successful PRP treatments lead to fuller, thicker, and healthier heads of hair. This treatment is suitable for men and women of all ages.ย 

According to the Israeli Ministry of Healthโ€™s regulations, PRP treatments in Israel can only be performed by licensed and authorized physicians. Generally speaking, aesthetic PRP treatments in Israel are mostly performed by physicians who have completed the requisite training and know how to perform the treatment inside and out.ย 

Prior to starting any treatment, you should consult with a physician about your hair loss, to determine whether PRP is the right treatment for you, and that no other factor or diagnosis might prevent the treatment from being successful. In such a case, further investigations are required to understand the root of your hair loss issue and choose the most suitable treatment. The physician is required to inform you if PRP is no longer the most effective option and a hair transplant is required. Note that PRP is often part of the post-hair transplant protocol as well.ย 

How Are PRP Hair Treatments Performed?

PRP treatments involve the physician drawing blood from the patient. The blood is placed in a dedicated machine that applies centrifugal force to rapidly spin the blood around. The goal is to isolate the plasma thatโ€™s rich in platelets. Platelets are the element of our blood thatโ€™s responsible for clotting โ€“ critical in the healing of various bodily tissues. The doctor then injects the concentrated platelets into the areas of the patientโ€™s scalp where hair is shedding, using a syringe. Injecting the platelets will lead to various activation processes within the patientโ€™s body, which will ultimately drive growth factors to the injection sites on the scalp. These growth factors contribute to new cell creation and encourage healing and regeneration across the scalp tissue, and promote dormant hair follicle growth, and a thickening of existing hairs.

Or, in simpler terms:

In Israel, PRP injections are provided as follows (see the image below):

  1. Blood is collected (from the patient), just like in standard blood tests.
  2. The test tubes filled with blood are placed in a centrifuge, so that the blood can be circulated, and its components separated.
  3. The plasma-rich platelets (PRP) layer is removed.
  4. The PRP is injected into the patientโ€™s desired area of the body (such as the hip joint, scalp, etc.).ย 

Has This Treatment Been Scientifically Proven Effective?

Over the years, articles and studies on the effectiveness of PRP treatments have been published in well-known academic journals. Weโ€™ve chosen to shed a spotlight on a few of them here. For the most part, we recommend combining PRP treatments with iPRF, mesotherapy, and topical treatments, to attack the problem from all possible directions, and maximize your results.ย 

Why PRP?

Growth factors can be found within the platelets. These platelets reach the affected areas first, enabling the fastest possible healing process. They are activated right before reaching the injured tissue, enabling them to secrete proteins that promote the growth of blood vessels, as well as collagen-producing fibroblasts (builder-cells). Collagen is likely to be extremely helpful in repairing the cells and tissue, and it is used to treat orthopedic and cosmetic needs alike.

How much does the treatment cost?

The cost of the most basic treatment is 800 NIS, but additional treatment options should be considered. For more information, visit our PRP treatment pricing page.

Is PRP the right treatment for me?

PRP treatments are suitable for men and women of all ages suffering from balding or hair loss. Prior to starting treatment, itโ€™s important that the source and nature of the hair loss be diagnosed, as well as to determine whether any living air follicles remain on the scalp. Note that PRP is not necessarily required or effective for every type of hair loss; some medical states are transient and reversible, while others wonโ€™t respond to the treatment (such as Alopecia Areata).ย 

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