Jawline Sculpting and Design

Jawline sculpting and design is one of the most sought-after treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine. This is not another surgical procedure involving high levels of risk, but rather a simple process based on hyaluronic acid injections.
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We all want our faces to look great! After all, they’re our primary calling cards. That said, when we aren’t comfortable with the way we look, our self-confidence and sense of self-worth take a dip. 

We can’t ignore the fact that, with time, our facial features undergo all sorts of changes, as a result of reduced muscle tone. Changes to the concentrations of collagen and elastin in our skin lead to looser tissue and a loss of that coveted “tight” look, as well as changes in appearance to the jawline. As a result, the face starts to look tired and sunken, also known as “bulldog face.”

Jawline sculpting can be used to tighten the face and restore patients’ self-confidence, when looking at themselves in the mirror. Fillers can be injected to erase “bulldog face,” correct asymmetry, erase fine lines, and eliminate the appearance of tired skin. In doing so, patients can enjoy a more attractive, revitalized appearance that matches how they feel on the inside. 

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Jawline sculpting is based on the injection of precise amounts of hyaluronic acid into pre-selected areas of the face, to achieve specific results. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that naturally exists within the human body. It is essential to the occurrence of various biological processes, but its production within the body decreases as we age. It is principally known for its ability to absorb fluid – up to 1,000 times its weight! Thanks to this unique property, it can be used to fill out faces. For example, to sculpt and design the jawline, nose, or other areas of the face.

How Are Jawlines Sculpted without Surgery?

Prior to starting treatment, the physician will diagnose the patient’s condition by examining their facial features and jawline. The goal of the diagnostic process is to identify those elements that they may wish to change. The physician will then build a treatment plan, together with the patient: where and how much to inject, to obtain the best possible results.

Each patient receives personalized treatments; the number of syringes used and injection sites filled with the acid is subject to variation. The average treatment session lasts approximately 30 to 60 minutes. Once the relevant injection sites on the face have been marked, the physician will insert a cannula into the patient’s face, release lidocaine to numb the area, and begin sculpting, without the patient feeling any pain. It truly is a form of art!

Hyaluronic acid can be used to raise and define the cheek bones, for taught, younger-looking skin. A high level of skill is required, to obtain the desired, sculpted look.

What You Need to Know about this Treatment

Jawline sculpting is a highly popular solution that provides men and women with rapid results, at a low cost, and with few side effects. It’s important to know that this treatment does not lead to permanent results. The injected hyaluronic acid breaks down and is absorbed by the body; ultimately, the patient’s jawline and facial features will return to their former state. That said, the treatment’s temporary results also serve as a sort of advantage; no irreversible changes, with which a potentially dissatisfied patient could be forced to live. Should a patient be unhappy with the treatment’s result, other substances that accelerate the acid’s breakdown can be used, or additional volume can be added, until the desired look is achieved.

The acid’s absorption by the body is a slow process, ensuring that patients enjoy many months with their taught new look. The treatment can be repeated as needed (once the acid has been absorbed), without any risk to the patient.

How Much Does Surgery-free Jawline Sculpting Cost?

The cost of hyaluronic acid jawline sculpting injections mainly depends on how many syringes are used in the treatment, which varies from patient to patient, depending on their facial structure and how much filler is needed to create the desired look. In addition, some acids are considered better quality than others and therefore are more expensive. Other factors contributing to the treatment’s cost are the brand of syringes used (better quality/brands of syringes help maintain treatment results for longer; saving on filler costs in the short term doesn’t necessarily lead to long-term savings). Jawline sculpting can cost between 950-1,800 NIS per syringe.

How Many Syringes are Needed?

The answer to this question varies, according to the structure of the patient’s face, their age, and whether they’ve had fillers injected into the area in the past. Most people need 2-4 syringes to sculpt their jawlines. The final number of syringes needed will be determined by the physician, following a diagnostic consultation. Roughly two weeks after undergoing a jawline sculpting treatment, the patient will return for a follow-up appointment. If necessary, an additional syringe will be used, to ensure that the perfect, most satisfying look is achieved. Surgery-free jawline sculpting is the most cost-effective solution on the market. Its results surpass those of more expensive treatments, such as surgeries, which can cost approximately 20,000 NIS each, and bring with them a myriad of risks, side effects, and a lengthy recovery period.

Jawline Sculpting – Only Trust the Experts

While hyaluronic acid injections are considered to be simple, they should still be performed by experts. They aren’t magic treatments; a skilled, delicate hand is required to ensure precise, successful injections of the right quantities, into the right areas of the face. This, of course, while ensuring that the needs of the patient’s unique facial structure, as well as their personal preferences, are met.

Defining the jawline can lead to a significant, positive change in your facial appearance. This simple treatment enables you to turn back time and restore your face’s youthful look. 

Interested in sculpting your jawline and giving your face a younger, tighter, and firmer appearance? You don’t have to undergo complex surgical procedures. Contact us at PRPclinic for highly personalized, professional, and customer-centric solutions.

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