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The duration of PRP treatment is between half an hour and an hour including everything.

The opinions on the subject are divided, there are doctors who perform PRP close to the hair transplant, on the same day when the scalp is still numb from the surgical procedure, and there are doctors who recommend waiting between one and two months.

Information about mesotherapy can be found on the mesotherapy page, the combination with PRP and iPRF or PRGF is a winning combination.

The cost of PRP treatment ranges from 800 to 1500 NIS. There is a significant difference in the equipment between the clinics and the type of tests. We provide PRP treatment with 2 blood tubes for 800 NIS and with 6 blood tubes for 1200 NIS. You can find information about the price of PRP, iPRF, PRGF, CGF and mesotherapy treatment on the following page: Price of PRP treatment

The use of the syringe allows the treatment of specific areas with great precision and the use of the gun allows the coverage of larger areas. This is similar to using a single shot in a rifle versus using automatic fire. We have both the gun and the syringe and the choice of the most relevant accessory for the treatment is up to the attending physician.

There is no medical reason to do so, but it will not be sufficiently effective. In such a case, the solution is usually a hair transplant.

No, the treatment does not require anesthesia, but in many cases, the doctor will perform local anesthesia or local anesthesia.

You can expect a reduction in hair loss and regrowth. You can view the photos in our gallery: before and after PRP.

The substances found in the platelet-rich plasma are growth factors and stem cells.

The treatment is very common after hair transplantation for the purpose of improving the results and improving the absorption percentage of the implants. The treatment is also suitable for those who have not undergone a hair transplant and can even delay the need for it.

PRP treatment – 2 test tubes

IPRF treatment – 2 test tubes

One Selnis upgraded PRP test tube (an additional Selnis test tube can be added at a cost of NIS 400)

Combined treatment – 4 PRP tubes and 2 IPRF tubes or vice versa.

PRGF treatment – 6 test tubes

CGF treatment – 6 test tubes

9-10 ml per test tube in PRP, iPRF, PRGF and CGF treatments.

22 ml per Selnis test tube

Of course, at our clinic, the entire process is carried out by a qualified doctor only, starting from the diagnostic meeting to the treatment itself.

It is important to note that a single treatment is not enough to obtain optimal results. It is necessary to have at least 3 treatments with intervals of between one and three months between the treatments. At the diagnostic meeting, the doctor will explain to you what the recommendation is for you according to your dropout situation.

Patients who come for PRP or iPRF treatments after a hair transplant usually come with regular recommendations from the clinic where they underwent the transplant. Generally, according to the protocol, it is about 3-4 treatments after the transplant, and maintenance treatments once or twice a year. There is a difference between the protocols and recommendations of the different clinics, so it is best to ask for instructions from the clinic where you underwent a hair transplant.

i-PRF treatment costs NIS 800 for a single treatment with 2 tubes

At our clinic, we use a French U225 injection gun, which is considered the most advanced injection technology in the field today.

The treatment is definitely suitable for women, but like any medical treatment, you should consult a doctor who knows all the contraindications.

Unfortunately no, there are cases when the treatment will not be effective enough and the patient will need a transplant, the attending physician should be consulted.

The person who is allowed to perform PRP treatment is only a doctor who has been trained in the field.

The therapist must be knowledgeable in producing platelets rich in plasma in the appropriate amount and concentration, work with standard test tubes and inject with the correct equipment, in the correct dispersion and in the correct form.

The treatment was carried out for years for non-cosmetic purposes, for example use in the field of orthopedics. In recent years, there has been a boom in the use in the aesthetic field, among other things, for hair, because they have seen very beautiful results in the field. The goal of the treatment is to reduce hair loss and increase growth.

A PRP injection, platelet rich plasma, contains a high concentration of stem cells and growth factors. The treatment is intended for various aesthetic treatments for the purpose of firming the skin and when injected into the skin of the scalp, it reduces hair loss and increases the growth of new hair.

Results for PRP treatment can begin to be seen after 6 weeks, final results after 6 months.

The side effects are minor to non-existent. Usually there is irritation or mild pain in the scalp for two to three days, sometimes even up to a week. Of course, one must work cleanly to prevent infections, as with any blood product.

Yes, the most common combination is with iPRF, mesotherapy, a pharmaceutical preparation (minoxy and propecia topical). Sometimes the treatment is a complementary treatment to a hair transplant.

PRP originates from the patient’s blood, compared to mesotherapy which is an injection of vitamins and minerals.

Definitely, you can upgrade to Selnis. Prices for Selnis test treatment can be found in our price list.

PRP treatment is a treatment that has been known for years and has many virtues, from the field of sports injuries to the world of aesthetics and hair growth. IPRF treatment is a more innovative treatment and is considered the next generation of plasma treatments. The process of taking the blood and injecting it back into the scalp or the affected joint is similar in both types of treatment. The main difference between them is the rotation speed in the centrifuge, which is slower in the IPRF treatment. The meaning is actually distillation and injection of different substances into the scalp. The initials of the treatment also indicate the differences between them:

PRP stands for Platelet-rich plasma = plasma rich in platelets.

PRF stands for Platelet-Rich Fibrin = fibrin rich in platelets.

You can behave as usual, it is strongly recommended to make sure to drink a lot during the day before the treatment and on the day of the treatment itself.

In our clinic, we use an injection gun based on air pressure in the injection, this technique is less painful than using syringes. Also, in many cases, local anesthesia is used, which is also very helpful in reducing pain to a minimum. Pain, of course, is a subjective thing, but many patients say that it is a slight discomfort and that treatment by the dentist is significantly more painful.