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CGF is an innovative treatment that’s rapidly growing in popularity. The treatment encourages natural regeneration processes, leading to advantages beyond those provided by existing treatments. It is used to treat hair loss and balding, as well as to fill in and revitalize facial skin. These treatments are considered extremely advanced, highly effective, and very safe.
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טיפול CGF לשיער

What are CGF Treatments, What Do They Involve, and What Else Do You Need to Know about the Process? 

CGF (Concentrated Growth Factor) is an approach that’s based on injecting plasma drawn from the patient back into target areas of their body. This treatment helps promote tissue regeneration and healing by activating a biological mechanism that encourages the creation of fibroblast cells and tropism (nourishment of tissue), while improving local blood flow. In doing so, CGF is able to be used to treat hair loss, erase wrinkles, and tighten the skin.

When used to treat skin conditions, CGF accelerates collagen and elastin creation, promoting a younger, tighter appearance. It is one of the most advanced anti-aging treatments, and is recommended for younger women, to prevent the appearance of fine lines, as well. CGF is unlike other filler treatments, in that it is based on the body’s own biological processes; here, the body naturally builds the tissue and adds volume, without running the risk of over-filling or inappropriately alerting the appearance of the target area.

What is CGF?

CGF is a concentration of growth factors that is produced from the patient’s blood. No synthetic materials are used, but rather fluids that were extracted from the patient’s own body, through a simple blood draw. The blood and its growth factors are then cleansed in a centrifuge machine. It’s a relatively long process, but its effectiveness has been scientifically proven.

The process is similar to that of PRP in that blood is drawn, but it differs from PRP in how the plasma is cleansed. No chemical additive is used in the process, leading to a final fluid that is better able to stick and stretch; its viscosity level is higher than that of PRP. 

CGF is an organic matrix that’s rich in fibrin and contains growth factors, platelets, leukocytes, and CD34+ stem cells, which help promote the regeneration process. The concentration also contains immune cells that are highly effective at regulating inflammations and mitigating the risk of infection. It even helps build bone, making CGF applicable to other use cases and fields, beyond aesthetic treatments (for skin and hair loss), including dentistry and orthopedics.

A Treatment to End Hair Loss and Balding

Many men and women suffer from hair loss and balding, leading them to feel uncomfortable and self-conscious in public. This is because our hair is a significant part of our external appearance, and its presence on our bodies is familiar and comforting. However, when hair begins to shed, it can cause undue suffering, leading many people to seek solutions. CGF is one such treatment that can stop hair loss. 

Some of the treatments against hair loss are folk remedies. These don’t usually work. Others, like hair transplants, can be very expensive and risky. While hair transplants have a long recovery period, and many months can pass before results are seen, CGF has no recovery period, nor are any special measures required after receiving treatment. Patients can return to their regular lives, as soon as they exit the clinic.

Since no foreign substances are injected into the body, but rather a fluid extracted from the patient’s own blood, CGF treatments are safe, and there are no risks of allergic reactions or side effects.

Studies show that the main cause of hair loss is damage to the pre-follicular blood vessels, and an imbalance of those growth factors influencing the hair’s growth cycles. CGF treatments respond to precisely these issues. 

CGF balding treatments use the body’s natural resources to encourage natural regeneration processes. The concentrated plasma that’s injected into the scalp encourages growth and revitalization. They lead to the creation of blood vessels that nourish the tissue and strengthen the hair follicles. Not only do CGF treatments help prevent hair shedding, they also encourage the strengthening of weakened hair follicles.

CGF treatments lead to long-term results. The regeneration processes last for several months to a year, after the last session. To obtain optimal results, it is recommended to undergo an intensive series of 3-4 sessions, every 4-8 weeks. Once those are complete, it is recommended to return for maintenance sessions, every 6-12 months, as needed.

CGF is recommended to treat hair loss, thin hair, weak hair, and loss of hair luster.

How is the Treatment Administered?

CGF treatments take place similarly to PRP treatments. The main difference is that for CGF, growth factors are cleansed in an advanced centrifuge, and through a longer process. 

First, approximately 50-55 ml of blood is drawn from the patient, much like in a regular blood test. The blood is then placed in the centrifuge, where a four-stage process, involving various spinning speeds, takes place. During this process, the blood is separated into three layers. The bottom layer is a layer of red blood cells, the middle layer is a layer of leukocytes, and the top layer contains CGF and platelet-weak plasma.

Once the cleansed fluid is obtained, it is injected into the patient’s tissue using a variety of methods, at the physician’s expert discretion. These include an injection gun, a cannula, thin needles, or a combination of the three. Before getting started, the physician must perform a diagnostic process, to determine which areas to inject, and in what quantities. Sessions last approximately 45-60 minutes each.

The Advantages of CGF Treatments

  • CGF treatments are suitable for a variety of applications, including skin regeneration, wrinkle erasing, hair strengthening, new hair growth, and various other medical processes.
  • CGF treatments are based on natural fillers that are taken from the patient. As such, they are safe to perform and do not cause any side effects.
  • CGF treatments can cover large areas of the body, in one session.
  • Treatments are long-lasting (up to a year).
  • CGF treatments accelerate natural bodily processes.
  • CGF enables patients to avoid or delay the need for hair transplants. 
  • No recovery period.

How Much Do CGF Treatments Cost?

CGF treatments involve a more complex preparation, leading them to take up to 60 percent longer than PRP sessions. As such, their costs are slightly higher. A series of three CGF sessions costs 4,000 NIS, while a single treatment costs 1,600 NIS.

That said, CGF treatments can save you on having to undergo a costly and risky hair transplant down the line. If you suffer from advanced hair loss and/or balding, you no longer have to live in shame, try and hide your thinning hair, or spend tons of money on superficial products that may or may not help, such as shampoos and the like.

CGF treatments maximize the abilities of the body’s natural mechanisms and activate biological regeneration processes, straight in the tissue. As such, they’re much more effective than any superficial treatment on offer. 

Want to stop your hair from shedding and enjoy healthier, stronger locks? Contact our clinic to learn more about CGF treatments for hair loss.

All of our treatments are administered by licensed professionals, in accordance with the Israeli Health Ministry’s guidelines. 

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